You’ve heard of mommy bloggers? Get ready for the auntie blogger!

I started writing children’s books for my niece and nephew after a trip to Africa in 2012. The first epistle was entitled “Stuck in Africa” and was an overnight success with a repeat readership of two people (my niece and nephew).

Fast forward five years and the original niece and nephew have been joined by several cousins and any number of children of friends all CLAMORING (that’s right, clamoring) for Auntie Krista stories and photos.

So I decided it was time to move this project online in order to save some trees and allow for more regular updates. As in the hard copy editions, Uncle Richard makes frequent albeit grudging guest appearances when I write him into the story. I’m trying to get him to write on his own behalf but that may take some time.


Auntie Krista and Uncle Richard