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I’ve posted a lot of photos of nudibranches over the last year or so but get ready for even more snaps of these cute little creatures because I got some good ones on our last dive trip to Borneo.

Do you know what the term “macro” means to a diver? You would be excused for thinking it refers to big stuff (like sharks and mantas) but, in fact, it means quite the opposite.

Macro does mean “large in scale” but, in diving, it is a term that is used in relation to tiny creatures because photographers use macro lenses to allow them to take big, close up pictures of the minuscule. The term ‘macro diving’ is now widely used in the diving community for dives that do not focus on the big stuff. You can read more about it here.

I don’t actually have a macro lens on my camera but I am quite good at sneaking up on these little guys, very quietly, and taking photos at close range. Check out some of what I captured in and around Sipadan in Malaysia last month.

I think you will agree that I am veeeeeery good at the sneaking. And that these little guys are majorly awesome. This is why diving is better than snorkeling. 🙂

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