A field guide to the nudibranches of Thailand

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That’s right kids,

It’s time for another field guide. Do you remember the first one? I think it was a field guide about the underwater creatures of Belize, or something like that. Ivan thought it was super informative but most of the photos were ones I got from our dive guide because I had just purchased my first underwater camera and wasn’t very good with it yet.

Last weekend I purchased my second underwater camera and I’m having to learn a lot of things about how it works, but I’m still getting some pretty decent pics. Also, this one can go much deeper, it has a special housing it goes in that can withstand the water pressure at 60 meters/200 feet. This means I can take it on more dives!

I’ve used the camera twice so far and the visibility was pretty rotten on both of those dives. Visibility is basically how far you can see underwater and I like the visibility on my dives to be at least 15 meters (and more is better). The visibility on our last dives was 10 meters or less.

But luckily, it’s still pretty easy to photograph nudis in low viz conditions. Especially with my new camera 🤩🤩🤩

You remember all about the nudibranch right? I wrote about them a few months ago when I was getting attacked by trigger fish in the Philippines.

Well, I saw a bunch more nudis last week, including some varieties I’d never seen before. My favorite was the cheesecake nudi. And here they are, courtesy of my new Sealife DC2000 dive camera:

This guy is the cheesecake nudibranch because he look white and creamy and delicious. If I were a nudi, I’d try to look LESS delicious.
I believe this is Phyllidiella Nigra. Nudis can be really difficult to identify as there are so many types and some look very similar.
I’m pretty sure this is Jorunna Funebris, also called the dotted nudibranch, for obvious reasons.
Phyllidia ocellata: she is so cool looking that she deserves a snappy nickname too. We’ll have to come up with one.
So far, I haven’t been able to identify this one. Can you figure out what it is?

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