Loy Krathong and Monkey Beach

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That’s right kids,

We found it, the monkey beach! And it puts both dog beach and cat beach to shame in my humble opinion. There was a whole tribe of monkeys guarding this beach including lots of little baby monkeys. Also there was a giant cave and lots of rock climbers.

The sign said feeding the monkeys was forbidden and punishable by fine but, clearly, someone gave this little guy a banana. And it wasn’t me (for the record).

We found monkey beach (also known as a little point on Railay Beach) during a field trip to the South of Thailand to celebrate the trifecta of holidays weekend: Thanksgiving, Loy Krathong AND Uncle Richard’s birthday! I’d like to say it was a wild weekend but, you know us, it was eating, diving and checking out the beach.

You know all about Thanksgiving and birthdays but have you ever heard of Loy Krathong? It’s a really cool festival they have in Thailand during which people make floating boats called “Krathong” out of flowers and banana leaves and even vegetables. (I saw a lady selling Krathong made out of cabbages). The leaves and flowers are arranged around a floating platform made of bread.

In the middle of the boat are candles or incense sticks. You light them and then set the boat afloat in a body of water while making a wish. Eventually the water leaks in and dissolves the bread so the fish get a nice tasty treat – even if they don’t like cabbage.

When we went out diving the day after Loy Krathong we could still see some of the Krathong floating way out in the ocean. People also put their Krathong in this canal:

Bread boat festivities aside, which do you think sounds better, dog, cat or monkey beach?

The view from Monkey Beach


  1. That looks super cool! I wish i could have been there! I can’t wait to visit you and to answer question I think that the monkey beach is the best beach. I mean DU its a MONKEY BEACH. Maybe we can go there when we come to visit!

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