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Well kids,

You’ve seen my updates on the underwater creatures I got to see in Bali, as well as the ones that only someone else got to see… But there were some interesting animals on land as well.

We visited an island off the main island called Nusa Lembongan and one of the first things we noticed was that dogs ruled the beach on which we were staying. They sat in the beach chairs, ran in the surf, and generally hung out under whatever table we were eating at. One morning we witnessed them all gather on a small piece of sand where the tide was coming in and it looked like they were having a meeting to plan their day. “Okay, bowser, you take the Blue Corner beach club today and see if you can sniff out some leftover nachos.”

It seemed like a pretty good life and the dogs were all friendly and generally well behaved.

But one night we walked around a bend in the island to another beach to have dinner and do you know what we found? Cats! That’s right, the new beach was full of cats. Nary a dog to be seen or heard. The cats were much less well behaved too. One of them wanted to steal Uncle Richards dinner and I seriously thought there was going to be a fight. I wonder who would have won?

So my theory is that there was a historical disagreement about tactics between the cats and dogs on this island. They used to all belong to the same clan but then the cats got bold and wanted to start engaging in grand theft, not just small time scams. The dogs refused to go along and there was a conflict with both sides suffering heavy losses and no clear victor. What was once one clan, split into two.

The period of anarchy following the splinter got so bad that the United Zoological Nations threatened to send in peacekeeper chickens (chickens are highly prized as peacekeepers due to their exceedingly practical nature).

Eventually the new leaders of the cat clan and the dog clan met at a summit to sort things out. They divided the island into cat territory and dog territory with strict rules about conduct in the neutral zones.

And that’s why today you have cat beach and dog beach on Nusa Lembongan.

I shared this theory with our dive master who lives on the island and he said something vague about people preferring the stories we make up in our heads over reality. I have no idea what he was talking about. Do you?

Captain of the dog guard on patrol
Taking a break on dog beach


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