The “Okurr” market

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Another weekend adventure in Bangkok to report.

It all started when I woke up on Saturday morning and decided to make som tum – a shredded green papaya salad that is salty, sweet, bitter and spicy all at the same time. But especially spicy.

I really like som tum but I had another reason for wanting to make it too. I recently purchased a large wooden mortar and pestle made specifically for preparing som tum and I hadn’t had a good opportunity to use it. But for my inaugural son tum run, I knew I had to have the best, freshest veggies.

That’s the thing about salads, they are fantastic if your produce is garden/farm fresh and boring if your veggies are old and bland from sitting on the supermarket shelf. This is true pretty much anywhere in the world. For my som tum, I knew I needed the best.

So what better place to go then the Or Tor Kor farmers market in Bangkok? I like to call it the Okurr market for short and because I think that makes me sound young and with it. But most people just abbreviate to OTK.

Either way, the market is a world famous vegetable, fruit and seafood market that also has lots of people selling food that’s ready to eat. I woke Uncle Richard up at 7am on a Saturday morning to tell him we were going. Needless to say, he was thrilled!

You can follow along on our adventure via the world premiere, first-ever Auntie Krista written, produced and starring Auntie Krista video posted below.

So many “firsts” this weekend! What should we plan to do when you come to visit?


    1. Agreed! There is also an even bigger market next door that sells toys and books and clothes and pretty much anything you could think of. We can go to both – although it will probably drive Uncle Richard and your dad CRAZY.

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