The unbearable, unfairness of life

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Well kids,

It’s just occurred to me that some of you are familiar with the full range of Auntie Krista books for kids and some of you are not. I’ll need to rectify that soon.

But for those of you that have read “Auntie Krista’s Field Guide,” you will know that the most majestic creature under the sea is the sea turtle. Sea turtles are Auntie Krista’s favorite. Uncle Richard can have the rays.

This is why it is entirely unfair that Uncle Richard got to go to the Bali Sea Turtle Society today and visit the baby sea turtles without me. That’s right, I’m back in Bangkok, slaving away, while Uncle Richard is frolicking with baby sea turtles. In Bali.

And not just ANY sea turtles… BABY sea turtles. The cutest, most special sea turtles.

And not just ANY baby sea turtles… Olive Ridley baby sea turtles.

Olive Ridley turtles are the smallest, nicest sea turtles that live in the waters of the Pacific Ocean. I have a special bond with these sea turtles as I met one the other day diving and we swam together in perfect harmony for several minutes. But it wasn’t a baby sea turtle.

I’m going to need to find a way to visit the baby sea turtles sometime soon. In the meantime, I’ll just console myself by watching this video of them. Over and over and over again.

I wonder what else Uncle Richard is getting up to in Bali? Probably chasing the unicorn fish and high-fiving the whale sharks. So unfair.


  1. Okay, kids. Please do not tell Auntie Krista that yesterday I hung out with Mr. Turtle and we talked shop about the Ridleys. Mr. Turtle is, in fact, even more cool than he seems on this video that Auntie Krista can’t stop watching, obsessively.

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