Chasing the Mola

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Well kids, sometimes you find the mola… and sometimes you don’t.

Uncle Richard and I have been in Bali for the last week trying to find the mola mola (sunfish in English). They are crazy looking creatures. They can grow to be more than 2000 pounds and are sometimes as wide as they are tall. They eat jellyfish, which aren’t very nutritious, so they have to eat A LOT of them! This is one of the reasons they spend much of their day hunting for food at depths much deeper than we can go – making it very hard to find them.

I had to borrow this photo of a mola from a friend because despite days and days of looking for them, and some really deep dives, we never found them 🙁

But we did find some other really cool creatures including giant mantra rays and a flat topped crocodile fish (something I’d never seen before). Uncle Richard spotted him sleeping in the sand.

Uncle Richard is turning into a really good spotter. He also spotted several turtles, including one that was tucked into a tiny little cave taking a nap. Too bad he can’t spot mola though. Maybe next time.

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