Hanging out in Bangkok

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Apologies kids, it’s been awhile…

Our new life in Bangkok is still a great adventure but some days it’s also kinda same old, same old and there doesn’t seem to be much to write about. Like today we went to the farmers market and the bookstore. We also ate ramen for lunch, which was delicious, but not super exciting since we often eat ramen for lunch on the weekends now.

It’s been awhile since something really exciting happened I’m afraid. Like the time Uncle Richard was attacked by saw a python on his way home from language school. I keep trying to get him to go take a walk in Lumpini Park in hopes he’ll get attacked by see one of the monitor lizards that hang out there. That could be exciting.

We haven’t even been diving in awhile since it’s monsoon season and that means the underwater visibility isn’t great in the places that are closest to us. Don’t tell grandma but when we were diving near Bangkok last month, the visibility was so bad that I got separated from my dive group. We had to cut the dive short and surface so we could find each other again. No one was too sad about having to abort that dive though.

But we are hoping to go to Indonesia in a few weeks and then we’ll be back underwater where it is mostly me that gets attacked by animals. Then I’ll have more animal pictures to share and hopefully one of them will be this really crazy creature called the mola mola. Stay tuned!

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