The pork that got away

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Uncle Richard somehow decided he wanted to go to Chatuchak Market this weekend. This surprised me as Uncle Richard isn’t known for his love of shopping (although he recently learned how to say “I love shopping” in Thai). Chatuchak is a hugely popular, sprawling market on the outskirts of Bangkok.

I suspect that Uncle Richard really wanted to go looking for new street foods and tried to lure me into his plan by promising shopping. I do love shopping when there is something specific I want and, as you know, we have a fair bit of home decorating to do.

On our way to the market we passed this little food cart on our street that fries up fresh donuts every morning. Usually it has a long line of people queued up to buy donuts but it was empty so we jumped at our chance. We bought 10 donut hole sized pieces of fried dough and one container of sugary glaze into which to dip them. We sat down in front of the bank to eat them right then and there. They tasted like fresh Krispy Kreme but even better.

When we got to the market, we started out in Section 2, which I’d heard was the boho, hipster section but might really be the teen clothing section. Needless to say, we didn’t find much to buy there. And it was raining and the market was just starting to open up and we were kinda lost.

So we wandered around for awhile trying to figure out what we were doing and where we were going.

Eventually we gave up on section 2 and just started walking aimlessly. Things got better when we made our way to the kitchen items and found the large cast iron wok Uncle Richard has been searching for, for our kitchen. I’m not sure what he plans to cook in it but I’m looking forward to finding out.

And then we found a stall frying up fresh coconut pancakes. Jack pot! We washed them down with a fresh lime smoothie.

That’s about the point where we also came upon a stall selling all kinds of wonderful-looking pork dishes. Roast pork, pork dumplings, bacon steak, you name it, they had it.

We decided to swing by again on our way home to pick up something for dinner.

More walking led us to shops selling herbs and spices, soaps, bags, antiques, ceramics, textiles, pet accessories, etc. etc. I looked around for pet accessories for chickens but, surprisingly, that trend does not appear to have made its way to Thailand yet.

One of my top finds was this shop selling little cactuses and succulents. I bought a selection for our apartment.

And I was momentarily distracted by this giant paella:

So much to see and do, the Chatuchak weekend market can be completely overwhelming. And by Noon time it was starting to get hot and sweaty so we decided to buy some fresh pineapple and take our leave.

But do you know what?

We forgot to get the pork! Sounds like we’ll need to go back again sometime soon. And next time, that pork won’t get away!


  1. When we visit you we HAVE to go to that market! I also want to get some of that AMAZING sounding pork!

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