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Well kids,

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a new blog but that’s because I have been biiiiizzzy! Part of moving to a new city means finding a new place to live and that means visiting lots and lots of potential places to find one that you like. It’s kind of fun but also kind of depressing because some of the places are just really no good. We walked into one place that looked like it had a brick wall but really it was just wallpaper with a brick design on it. So NOT us!

Eventually we found a place though. It is near a big park and also a mall. I love malls. They are air conditioned and, in Thailand, have everything you need, including lots of restaurants and even a dentist (and someplace that promises to freeze the fat off of you – but I’m pretty sure NOBODY needs that).

Luckily Uncle Richard was along to help look at all the places but then he went back to the US for two months, which means it’s up to me to get all moved in and set up.

The bad news is that I have to carry lots of bags of boring things (like towels and blenders) by myself. The good news is that I treated myself to fresh-made coconut pancakes to fortify myself for all the carrying of things. The kind lady at our new grocery store served them to me hot, right off the grill. And, for the record, 45 baht is about $1.50, and you get 10 for that price, so these are a good deal.

The other good news is that, since Uncle Richard is back in the States, I can basically decorate the place however I want. I went shopping yesterday and these are some of the options I found. What do you think? Hello Kitty, pineapples, bulldog police officer or tons and tons of fluffy things? So many choices!


  1. what about us? we are not into hello kitty,police bulldogs, and Ivan (because he is a crazy person) doesn’t like stuffed animals.

    1. Good thing I didn’t buy that bulldog! Uncle Richard threatened to accidentally drop it off the balcony if i did. ALSO Uncle Richard was supposed to mail you something we got for you in Thailand. If they haven’t come yet you should probably give him a threatening phone call or email. Don’t worry, no Hello Kitty involved.

      1. We can’t wait to see you too! Although I heard that you have another AWESOME trip to DC coming up soon.

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