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Well kids,

It looks like Auntie Krista may not be posting too many cooking blogs in the near future. At least not ones that include mouth watering dishes and recipes whipped up by Auntie Krista herself.

Uncle Richard and I settled into a teeeny tiny temporary apartment last week and it has a teeeny tiny kitchen with the most terrible cookware I have ever tried to use. We attempted to make quesadillas one night (with pre-made tortillas and pre-shredded cheese) and even that was a mess. I don’t see myself cooking anything more ambitious than toast in this set up (although more about that later).

The good news is that we will move to a place with a better kitchen at some point soon; for sure before you come to visit.

The other piece of good news is that Thailand has all kinds of amazing food available. Much of it is sold on the street so you can just walk up and buy it whenever you want.  This means Auntie Krista won’t need to starve but she may need to fight off Uncle Richard to get her fair share. As you know, he loves Thai food. His new favorite restaurant is “Have a Zeed” and here’s a photo of him loading his plate with delicious papaya salad and roast pork.


Luckily I’ve found one unique food item here that he won’t touch with a ten foot pole. Charcoal bread. It tastes kind of like it sounds. But it’s not bad with peanut butter on it. Just a little like ashes.


Tonight I’m eating sticky rice with bananas and coconut milk for dinner so things aren’t too rough. Still, I can’t wait until we have a kitchen again. Until then I’ll just have to share photos of all the cool food we can buy here. As long as I can save it from Uncle Richard long enough to shoot a photo that is 🙂


Auntie K.





  1. Clearly, Uncle Richard was heading straight for the greens, which were delicious morning glory. He generously gave Auntie Krista first crack at the pork and papaya, but he gets no credit for this, as usual. Question: why would Auntie Krista wish to eat charcoal?

    1. The benefits of activated charcoal are unique and varied. It is commonly used for a number of reasons, from digestive complaints, to whitening teeth, to purifying both air and water. The very fine black powder is becoming increasingly popular and is now commonly found in everything from superfood powders to beauty products, due to its natural antibacterial, anti-fungal and highly absorbent properties.

  2. Also, did I tell you why those greens were sooooo good? When I pulled the leftovers out of the refrigerator they were a solid block. Lots and lots of pork fat in there.

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