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Hey there kids,

Now that Uncle Richard and I are moving to Bangkok we need to start cleaning up this house and giving away the stuff we don’t need. Uncle Richard is not only a certified coral restoration diver, he’s also a certified pack rat (certification courtesy of me). He finds this whole process painful but I’m super into it. I like getting rid of stuff.

IMG_2041In a fit of compromise, I did agree to rent a storage locker so we wouldn’t need to give away ALL our stuff. For example, we’ll keep the pasta maker so A can feed us in our old age.

But I intend to still get rid of as much stuff as I can. I’ll be the good role model for Uncle Richard — as per usual.

I’ve even starting going through my cookbook collection and offloading all but a few favorites I could have trouble finding again. The thing is, and don’t tell Uncle Richard, I may have gotten a little carried away. I gave my Asian pickle cookbook to my friend S down the street. She runs the world’s greatest pickle business in the summer (i.e. one that delivers to my house) and I know she’ll put it to good use. I hope I find someone with a pickle business in Bangkok…

Anyway, what I failed to consider, is that I might want to make Asian pickles between now and when we leave for Asia. And sure enough, this weekend I went to Whole Foods and they had short ribs on sale and then I wanted to make Asian short ribs. And we always make Asian pickles when we make these short ribs.

Luckily we have the Internet.

IMG_1828I found basic instructions for quick pickled veggies online which totally SAVED THE DAY. I used rice vinegar added some green peppercorns, fish sauce, garlic and cilantro to “Asian them up” and it turned out great. So next time you need pickles in a pinch, make Auntie K’s quick Asian pickles (and these awesome short ribs from Betty Crocker, which is a weird place to get an Asian short rib recipe, but they are super yummy). In addition to pickles, I serve them with kimchi.


Auntie K’s Quick Asian Pickles

1/2 cup water

1 cup rice vinegar

1 T sugar

1 1/2 T salt

1 T fish sauce

1 cup chopped veggies

5 green peppercorns

1 clove of garlic

2 T chopped cilantro

Combine the water, rice vinegar, sugar and salt in a small plan. Bring to a boil then take it off the heat and add to the chopped veggies. Add peppercorns and clove of garlic. Let sit for at least 3 hours in the refrigerator before serving. Add chopped cilantro right before serving.


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