Tips: How to have your pasta and eat cake too

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If there’s one thing we love in this family it is the carbs.

My generation spent most of our formative years in the Philippines where the devotion to carbs is no joke. It’s not uncommon to see people in the Philippines with rice, pasta and bread all on the same plate. Our  worship of the carbohydrate is pure and carefully cultivated.

Now that the older niece and nephew are becoming chefs and foodies in their own right, we’ve collectively hit upon a brilliant plan. They will each start to specialize. As we build our own little brigade de cuisine, we may not have a Poissonnier or a Legumier but we have a cracker jack Pâtissier and a pasta maker you don’t want to mess with.

They are only nine but the niece and nephew bake (and decorate) their own cakes and make pasta from scratch. The fact that one of them is gluten-free doesn’t cramp their style either.

My niece is especially handy with a pasta machine. She loves to roll out the pasta doughIMG_1764 in long thin sheets. I keep telling her they are getting too long and she should cut them – but she doesn’t – and they are fine.

I was watching one of the professional chefs on Top Chef try to make pasta the other night and my niece could have (and would have) schooled him.

Her passion is Angel Hair pasta and I keep telling her to try something easier – but she doesn’t – and it is delicious. Here are her tips for rolling out pasta to perfection (pay attention Top Chefs):

The highest setting you can use for angel hair is 5 if you put it on 6 it will break.For gluten free do 4 or it will break NEVER MORE THEN FOUR. for normal pasta not angel hair it is 4.

And what you really want after a huge dish of pasta is big slice of cake, right? We’ve got it covered! The people on the Great British Baking Show better watch out too because these kids are coming for them.


The key to decorating cakes, I am told, is to:

Always smooth out the frosting, for the crumb layer you have to wait until you can put your hand on it with out any thing coming off. Then you can put on the nice layer.
Always cool the cake before frosting it or the frosting will melt.
I can’t wait until the younger nephews get older. I want one to bake bread and the other to learn to make sushi.


  1. Hmmmppphhh! I’ve been working in the kitchen for many years now (my first job was actually in a large hotel kitchen), and my rank is STILL lowly Plongeur. It’s not fair that a nine-year old gets promoted to Pâtissier over me. Auntie Krista can be so hard!

  2. Auntie Krista, awesome blog! It is really cool, I love it! p.s you need to get us some of those glasses with the mirrors on them for uncle richard’s food stealing scam.

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